Our employees work with a high degree of freedom and competency.

We value motivated employees in a well tuned team as a prerequisite for successful collaboration. Therefore, we delegate responsibility and promote autonomy.

Every order is handled by a small sales group. They are equipped with all the necessary purchasing and sales expertise.

We have designed the decision paths to be short and leave plenty of room for freedom of action. Our administration is transparent and efficient.

Urs Biasi

Chairman of the Board

Peter Reichle

Member of the Board

Roger Zehnder

Managing Director

Flavio Biasi


Manuela Biasi

Assessor, Corporate Secretary

Roger Zehnder *


Manuela Biasi

Executive Assistant

Ueli Müller

Projects Purchasing + Sales

Roger Zehnder *


Erich Planzer

Sales Manager

Mirko Bernardin

Sales Manager

Roman Klappert

Sales Manager

Ulrich Wiedemann

Sales Manager

Volkan Sengül

Product Manager

Adrijana Ravlija

Head of Sales Assistance

Regina Schurter

Sales Assistant (Deputy)

Jan Buzzelli

Sales Assistant

Marco Maniaci

Sales Assistant

Andrea Swoboda

Sales Assistant

Mildred Käser

Order Processing Assistant

Thomas Leiser

Order Processing Assistant

Theodora Michos

Order Processing Assistant

Reto Peter *


Andreas Zambonin

Head of Accounting + ICT

* Members of the Management Board