Cold Rolled Narrow Strips

1. Bright

According to the actual valid norm EN 10139, concerning the definition for steel-products, is cold rolled strip with a roll width of under 650 mm for thicknesses of

0,05 mm to 14 mm and a reduction in cross-sectional area through cold rolling of

min. 25 % identified as cold rolled strip.

The characteristics of cold rolled strip are closest dimensional tolerances concerning thickness and flatness, optimal mechanical – technological properties and best sur-faces. Cold rolled strip is qualified for cold forming as well as for application of surface coatings especially for galvanized coating.

The basic material for these surface coating is cold rolled strip. The bright cold rolled strip is with a customised surface coating provided.

2. Zinc coated

3. Tinned

4. Lacquered

5. Nickel plated

6. Copper plated

7. Brass plated